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Toll Lanes Possibly Being Paved on the 405

The Los Angeles County MTA division is considering toll lanes for part of the 405. As one of the major arteries that connect the valley to the westside, it would be a vital change in creating more free-flowing traffic during peak hours. They would span from the San Fernando valley to the 10 Freeway in West LA. MTA's goal is to have traffic flowing at 45 miles per hour during peaking hours. If the directors approve the toll lanes, it would be slated for an opening in the fall of 2027. MTA is simultaneously working towards a rail line that will connect the westside to the valley. The rail line will either be a subway or a monorail system with an estimated cost of $9.4 to $13.8 billion.

According to the LA Times, the 405 project has $260 million through Measure M, the sales tax increase that voters approved in 2016. The funding should be available in 2024.

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