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SB 50 Falls Three Votes Short of Passage in CA Senate

Sen. Scott Wiener stands in front of a supporter of SB 50

Senant Bill 50 fell short last week by three votes and did not pass. Senate Bill 50 was State Sen. Scott Wiener's effort to aid the housing crisis by spurring development of multi-family apartment buildings near transit hubs and job centers. It would have specifically allowed for the construction of mid-rise apartment buildings and fourplexes in many-single family neighborhoods throughout the State. Proponents of the Bill see this as a positive action to dramatically increase California's housing supply.

Gov. Newsom's thoughts on the failed Bill were as follows: "California's housing affordability crisis demands our state pass a historic housing production bill."

The opposition to the Bill believes that there is still time this year to introduce alternative measures that wouldn't amplify gentrification and displacement. With ten months left in 2020, let's see what the Senate can drum up to aid this massive housing shortage California is dealing with.

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