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Make Way For The Westside's New Food Hall

Culver West's intersection of Washington Boulevard and Centinela Avenue is slated to boast the latest food hall of Los Angeles County - The Culver Public Market.

Regency Centers, who are the developers of the 21,605 square foot food hall, have placed protective fencing and a k-rail barrier around the two lots located on the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection. A four-story parking garage available for 184 parking spots will be on the northwest corner, making it one of the largest structures for many blocks. The northeast corner, which is the smaller of the two lots, will be developed into two, one-story buildings offering 5,230 square feet of space with a 20-stall surface parking lot.

The current line up isn't completely set in stone, however, there are some notable hands involved. Wicked Maine Lobster has supposedly secured a spot at the Market meaning Lobster Rolls apparently will be on the menu at one of the stalls. Urbanspace, a heavy-hitter in the food hall game, has their hand in the pot as well. Founded in London in the early-70s, Urbanspace "transformed decaying industrial sections of town into vibrant arts and commercial districts," according to They are well-known in the foodie community as a procurer great food halls. From Camden Locke and Spitafeilds to New York City’s Holiday Market, Urbanspace knows how to fill the plates of locals and foodies looking for their next bite.

The estimated opening date for the Culver Public Market is for November 2020.

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