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Dreading the 405? Metro has Solutions

M E T R O has focused in on four concepts for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor that would connect the San Fernando Valley and the Westside using a high-capacity transit line. Metro is currently running a feasibility study, where they have allotted $10 billion in funding from measure R  and M sales tax measures, which were approved by L.A. Country voters in 2008 and 2016, respectively.

Metro's study showed the four refined concepts could reduce travel time in peak AM rush out to as quick as 15 minutes. In the absolute worst AM rush hour, Metro has found an drive times can range between 50 minutes up to 110 minutes to get over the Sepulveda Pass. This is illustrated in the "Travel Times By Mode - Refined Concepts" slide.

Metro and UCLA are working together to find a station location for the Sepulveda line. Currently they have located the station near Sunset Boulevard, however, it's likely to move. Metro also hasn't ruled out the Sepulveda line ending at the Expo Line; Bundy or Sepulveda stations.

2048 will also change the landscape of the westside metro transit system; they will break ground on a purple line extension, most likely, turning south at the running down Centinela Avenue or run along the 405. This would have a dramatic impact on the state of West Los Angeles, Mar Vista, Del Rey, and Westchester.

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